Top 5 Horror Movie Cars to Make Your Skin Crawl

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Some horror movies have bad guys that drive weird and wacky cars while in some horror movies, the cars are the bad guys! Here are some of our top horror movie cars. They are so mysterious and sinister compared to our standard, used cars in Dubai that we just can’t stop being fascinated by them!

1. Aston Martin DB 2/4 from the Birds

Coming from the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” is about a series of inexplicable and violent bird attacks in the community of Bodega Bay, California. When the protagonist tries to make an escape in her trusty Aston Martin, she is once again impeded by the supernatural powers of the birds.

2. Oldsmobile Delta From the Evil Dead

The burned out and overused look of the delta owed to the fact that it was actually the Director Sam Raimi’s personal car during his high school. The “old school vibe and it’s creepily human-like stare made it strangely perfect for the dystopian theme of the movie. It does get promoted in the movies though as body armour and some deadly spinning blades are attached to it!

3. Chevy COE from the Jeepers Creepers

Whoever has watched even one part of the bone-chilling jeepers creepers knows to run as far as possible from the blaring sounds of a huge Chevy Coe appearing. We do like our eyes attached to our head, thank you very much! That goes with the rest of our insides and outsides as well!

4. Plymouth Baracuda from Highwaymen 

A psychopathic killer goes on a killing rampage, murdering women in his Cadillac Eldorado. After the murderer kills the protagonists’s wife, he goes after him in a Plymouth Baracuda. The two go head to head and the fight ends up with the killer in a rehab centre and the protagonist in Jail.

5. Plymouth Fury from the Christine

Based on the same novella by Stephen King, the master of horror, Christine is a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Christine is a car that is possessed by some evil spirits and is the main antagonist of the movie. Her powers engulf all the tropes characterised by the demonic spirits. It is teased in the movie that she captures the souls of her victims. She also becomes compulsively attached to her owners and kills anyone who she finds threatening to their relationship. The owners, in turn, too, become obsessed with her. 

These were our famous horror movie car picks! Which movie gave you the chills?

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