How to Safely Merge Lanes in Dubai

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A merging lane is simply the point where any road comes to a halt and transitions into one with the next road, essentially making the two into one. Since such lanes are can’t be avoided and test capabilities, patience and skills of new and used car drivers in Dubai. has compiled a number of tips and tricks to help the average driver manoeuvre through them safely.

Rule # 1: Timing and position

These are the two key factors to keep in mind when travelling down a merging lane. Adequate time must be given as a signal and space must be given to any vehicle that is already in the lane that you intend to join.

When it comes to lane merging, the visibility of line markings usually dictates the number of vehicles that are to be allowed to pass before you enter into the lane. Where line markings are visible, all vehicles are to be given space and where they are not visible only cars that are ahead of you are to be allowed to pass before you merge. 

Rule # 2: Safety is key

To ensure maximum protection, it is good to try and match the general speed of the lane that you are entering into. It is also important to allow yourself ample space to enter and to be aware of any other vehicles that may be looking to merge to avoid hazardous accidents. 

Similarly, it is crucial to maintain your speed whilst merging as sudden variations will create disengagement and increase the possibility of an accident occurring. 

Rule # 3: Be courteous and careful

It is a given that when lane merging conditions are tightly packed, one vehicle enters at a time. Lane merging tests the best of drivers, which is why it is important to remember that any car in the lane that you wish to enter into is under no obligation to let you merge. So wait until you find a willing driver instead of giving way to road rage. 

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