6 Ways to Not Get Bored on a Long Drive in Dubai!

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Even if you find joy in the simple act of driving in your used car, a very long drive can become a bit boring. A killer playlist just doesn’t cut it anymore! So, to keep your ride more enjoyable, CarSwitch.com lists down a few ways you can spice up your long drive!

1.  Emergency food is always a great idea

Not all of us can get lost in the wild and survive on those flaky girl scout cookies. If, however, you are travelling off the beaten road, then please keep some calorie rich, non-perishable food items in your car. The list includes granola bars, energy bars, some dried fruit snacks, or your favourite bag of chips for some of those guilty carbs!

2. Songs are out, podcasts are in!

Forget blasting away the music for hours at a stretch, you can also download your favourite audiobook or podcast to listen to while on the road. There are a wide variety of podcasts falling in the category of comedic, creative and educational. They can be anywhere from 3 to 60 minutes long and can keep you entertained for longer periods of time. If you are travelling with kids, download some youtube videos beforehand to keep them busy.

3. Pack some pillows and blankets

One of the best ways to pass some time on a long ride is to sleep. Wear comfortable clothes or change into pyjamas to keep coax yourself into sleep. Also, always bring a neck pillow with you while sleeping to prevent neck cramps. 

However, sleep is only a good idea for passengers and not the driver. The driver must be awake and practice road safety measures at all times. Take turns with another driver if they are available or invest in an anti-sleep alarm ring that sounds off when you are indulging in drowsy driving!

4. Bring your electronic entourage to keep yourself busy!

Ipads, laptops, tablets, portable DVD players, game consoles can also be packed with movies and games to keep your long ride entertaining. Remember to bring the chargers for the gadgets so you don’t run out of battery any sooner than you want to.

5. Capture your journey

In order to make your journey more memorable, you can take pictures of yourself and your family. You could do a mini vlog and record how your trip is going so far. Create a scrapbook of all the photos and download photoshop or other editing apps to give your pictures quirky stories and backgrounds!

6. Debate, but not to win

Another way to pass time in a long ride in a used car is to debate a topic. We understand that serious topics can sometimes turn heated so choose a topic that is more light-hearted than sombre. Instead of arguing about moral philosophies or politics, you can debate which animal is more adorable or delicious; a rabbit or a duck!

Try out these long road trip hacks to keep yourself amused and tell us which one you enjoyed the most!

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