Top 5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Pickup Truck

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If you have a truck, you have friends, and while we’d love to assign your awesome personality to your number of friends, there is a fat chance it is because of your truck. And why not? When reading of all the cool things you can do with a pickup truck below, you might want to sell your car for a hefty old “friend bait”!

  1. Tailgate Fun

Whether it is a concert, a yard game or a football game, having a pick up truck in these scenarios (and more!) is the best thing ever. Toss a couch in there, barbecue on the tailgate, pop on some music and your four- walled cargo changes into a party sleigh. We are getting excited just thinking about it!

  1. A trusty furniture mover

We couldn’t get more specific than that. All the great pieces of furniture that you wanted to move from your parent’s house and couldn’t because you would have to sell your car for a heavy truck. Well, whether you change your mind or not, the option is still there and it looks great!

  1. One happy camper

Unless you are Ibn-e-batuta or Columbus, you probably don’t like sleeping on the ground while in the wilderness. Well, guess what? There are truck beds available that fit inside the truck space and provide some elevated comfort for outdoor sleeping!

  1. Nice cooler

Here’s another gem! Drop as much ice as you can in your truck bed and throw in a few drinks in there. You will have the largest and the coolest truck at the tailgate party, making you the party’s MVP! Good for you, pal!

  1. Great hauling capacity

You can’t exactly haul a homecoming parade in a sedan or an SUV. Or drive around with an army of friends. Or bring back something for your friends or neighbors on the block. All of this versatility comes with a pick-up truck!

So, would you sell your car to buy a pick up truck? Well, regardless of our decision, everyone loves someone with a pick up truck. They would love to borrow your truck for the things you can do with your truck or have those things done by you. In any case, trucks are awesome.

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