If you are a car enthusiast, you probably have already heard of Richard Hammond. The journalist’s and writer’s claim to fame was the popular BBC program Top Gear, which he co-hosted from 2002 until 2015. Apart from being an avid car lover, he is also an active car collector. There are, however, some cars that he wouldn’t recommend to a Dubai used car owner. CarSwitch.com picks five of his least favorite cars!

1. 1999 BMW 3 Series

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Hammond is a fan of BMW cars and is also fond of the BMW 3 Series, but the model that the automaker released in 1999 failed to impress him. While talking about the car during his program Men and Motors, Hammond termed this model as mediocre. In short, he thinks it’s a good car but not good enough to be called great and that’s why he decided to pass up on it. This is basically an entry-level luxury car with some decent specifications but nothing that will blow you away.

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2. Fiat Multipla

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Since it’s sometimes hard to not judge a book by its cover, the Fiat Multipla suffered heavily because of the way it looked. Although it did get some awards for being a great family car, it was also called the ugliest car by Top Gear in the year 2000. Hammond even made fun of the car on his show Men and Motors because of its appearance.

However, he went a little easy on it when he reviewed it the second time around. Although the car was adaptable from the inside, the way it looked repelled a lot of people.  Given the weird snouty shape, we can’t imagine what went at this car for sale!

3. 1999 Honda S2000

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This car was also reviewed on the show Men and Motors and Hammond doesn’t outright hate it. He believes the car has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, the S2000 is far more affordable than the Porsche Boxster and easily outperforms it. However, Hammond thinks that the interior of the car is a little bland. He is also not a fan of the digital dash that the car has.

Apart from that, he pointed out that when you try to lean towards the passenger who is sitting beside you, sometimes the headlamp washer gets activated, and it sprays liquid onto your face. The car also has limited boot space and minimal cabin storage space.

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4. Tesla Roadster

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When reviewing the car in 2008 during an episode of the show Top Gear, Hammond and his co-hosts James May and Jeremy Clarkson decided to take the car for a spin. When Clarkson let the Tesla Roadster run around the test track, it stopped unexpectedly. This led them to conclude that the car fell short of Tesla’s claim of 200 miles, as it ran out after 55 miles only during their test. Tesla, later on, refuted the claim but that wasn’t enough to satisfy the three hosts.

 5. Nissan Juke

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The Nissan Juke takes the cake here, as Hammond explicitly said that he hates the car. Funnily enough, he has never actually driven the Nissan Juke, he just knows that this is one car he never wants to take for a spin. 

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