IIHS Study Rates Small SUV Headlights as Poor

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If you were thinking of buying a new or Dubai used car, SUV style, you might want to check out the IIHS safety ratings of SUVs. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which is an independent organization that wants to reduce the losses related to motor vehicle crashes, such as deaths, injuries, and property damage, doesn’t deem sports utility vehicles safe, because of their headlights.

The organization put to test the headlights of 21 SUVs to see if they abide by the safety standards and the results were unsatisfactory. so,

Surprisingly, not even one car got a good rating and this should be a cause for concern. Back at the beginning of 2016, the institute also analyzed mid size cars and their results were also disappointing. However, the SUV’s got the worse result.  The study attempted to measure the quantity and quality of usable light offered by high and low beams when a vehicle traveled via a straight path and various curves.

As mentioned before, the sample contained 21 cars and they used 47 different headlight combinations. Nearly two-thirds of the vehicles tested got a poor rating. 17 of the vehicle produced glare that was said to unacceptable, which impacted their ratings adversely.

However, a handful of vehicles got acceptable ratings, including the Honda CR-V, the 2017 Ford Escape, the Mazda CX-3, and the 2016 Hyundai Tucson. The Grand Touring version of the Mazda CX-3 trim appeared as the winner with best performing headlights. It has curve assisted LED lights with optional high beam assist.

The low beam performance was considered satisfactory on most curves, with the exception of the gradual left where it was said to be inadequate. The high beam fared better and was acknowledged as a decent performer.

On the other hand, out of all the vehicles tested, the Honda HR-V emerged as the worst headlight performer. All of its models got a poor rating from IIHS. Other vehicles that received poor ratings include the Chevrolet Trax, the Audi Q3, the Buick Encore, the Fiat 500X, the Jeep Renegade, the Jeep Patriot, the Kia Sportage (2017), the Jeep Wrangler, the Subaru Forester, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and the Nissan Rogue.

Some vehicles neither received a good rating nor a poor rating, and they were instead called marginal. These include the Mitsubishi Outlander, BMW X1, the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Mazda CX-5, and the Toyota RAV4. 

Headlight performance in today’s cars varies widely. Since government standards are usually based on lab tests, they are not accurately representative of real-world scenarios. Headlight performance must not be taken lightly because nearly 50 percent of traffic related deaths occur around dusk or dawn or in the dark.

Contrary to popular belief, a high price tag may not necessarily guarantee high-quality headlights. Even modern lighting types, such as curve-adaptive systems, high-intensity discharge (HID) and LED lamps do not guarantee good performance. IIHS hopes that customers will go through its study before buying a vehicle that is suitable for a late night drive.

For Dubai used car owners who want to buy cars, your top priority should be a vehicle that has the most best and modern safety features.

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