RTA Offers Easy Renewal Services for Dubai Cars

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RTA Offers Easy Renewal Services of Your Used Car Dubai!
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Drivers of used cars Dubai looking to renew their driver’s license or vehicle registration, we have great news for you! Motorists will now be able to conveniently get renewal services by the Customer Happiness Center on Wheels. CarSwitch.com tells you about this latest initiative by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

As of 1st January, a smart bus has been launched on the last exit in Al Khawaneej. It will provide services of renewal of driving license, vehicle registration as well as parking cards.

bus used car Dubai

This mobile service by RTA is available to the public from January 1st to 10th on the aforementioned spot. Its timings are 4pm to 11pm.

This smart bus by the RTA will be in use for ten days every month in different geographical locations in Dubai. Information on the location of the bus will be given to residents through text messages. Social media and website.

This move has been made to make these services readily available for the senior citizens and different communities.

Self service machines are installed in the bus to make it a swift and smooth process for the public.

Employees available on the bus to provide help to the citizens. In line with Dubai’s Smart City Initiative, this service aims to make the residents of UAE happy.

In the recent years, RTA seems to be working hard to provide easy to use services for Dubai used car owners. Smart kiosks to Dubai Police Smart Station provide around the clock services to the residents of Dubai.

Seems like you have no reason to drive your used car Dubai without a driver’s license or registration especially with these services readily available. CarSwitch.com also provides you with a user-friendly platform to buy pre-owned and pre-inspected cars.

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