The 5 Best Car Museums for Car Enthusiasts!

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The 5 best car museums for car enthusiasts!
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Every car has a story and that is exactly why some of them are stored in museums for the coming generations to see.The legendary cars in these museums are awesome enough to make you sell your car in Sharjah. However, only true car enthusiasts know the joy of being surrounded by historic cars from around the world. CarSwitch has compiled a list of the 5 coolest museums every gearhead should visit. 

Cité de l'Automobile (France)
1. Cité de l’Automobile (France)

Located in Mulhouse, France, this is one of the largest automotive museums in the world. It houses more than 500 cars by 98 manufacturers. Moreover, it displays the largest number of Bugatti vehicles and a vast collection of race cars. It also has 3 of the 7 Royales ever built. This museum has cars dating back to 1878.

Petersen Museum (USA)
2. Petersen Museum (USA)

Relaunched in 2015, the museum has 25 distinct exhibitions with over 100 cars on exhibit. It has one of the most unique car collections in the US. It covers everything from car culture and hot rods to modern cars with different themes on different floors. It also houses some of the best cars from TV such as Batmobile and Jaguar XKSS owned previously by Steve Mcqueen.

National Automobile Museum (USA)
3. National Automobile Museum (USA)

This museum located in Reno, Nevada (US) is home to more than 200 cars. Also known as the Harrah collection, this showcases private collection of late casino owner, William F. Harrah who had a collection of almost 1,450 cars. The collection is spread over four galleries with every gallery showcasing a different time periods. The highlights of this collection include John F. Kennedy’s assigned 1962 Lincoln Continental, Elvis Presley’s 1973 Cadillac Eldorado and many more.

sell car in Sharjah - Classic Cars Museum
4. Sharjah Classic Cars Museum (UAE)

Re-opened in 2013, the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum displays a massive collection of classic cars dating back to the early 20th century. It has a collection of motorcycles and classic bicycles as well. The museum consists of five sections with each section covering a different historical era of the auto industry. It showcases classics from car makers such as Benlet, Mercedes and Rolls-Royce. If you are a fan of vintage cars, this is place is worth a visit.

Emirates National Auto Museum
5. Emirates National Auto Museum (UAE)

One of the best attractions for car lovers in the UAE, the Emirates National Auto Museum showcases the extensive private collection of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. Displaying over 200 cars, his collection includes vintage cars to custom made cars. This museum also houses the World’s largest truck with the collection dating back to the 1920s.

From customs to classics, these places are heaven on earth for car enthusiasts. The cars displayed in these museums can easily make anyone want to sell car in Sharjah. If you’re looking to buy a car, features a wide range of new and used cars in Sharjah!

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