Dubai International Motor Show: Gear up for the Most Exciting Show Ever!

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If you are a fan of used cars in Dubai, then get ready for Dubai International Motor show. The exclusive motor show will be featuring a wide range of hypercars, supercars and luxury cars. In addition, the state-of-the-art hyperloop and drone technologies being showcased there will surely change the way we think about transport.

“Get ready for massive Surprises” is the vibe coming from the motor show as it gears up to offer visitors a peek into the future of transportation.

The motor show will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from November 12 to 16. The Exhibition is going to dive deep into the transport and motoring industry, with leading-edge tech, a fully immersive virtual reality, and some of the most exotic cars that will be lined up to thrill visitors during the five-day event.

This year’s show will feature vehicles from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers including  Gargash, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Jaguar, Lincoln, Nissan, Cadillac, GMC, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi and many more.

Aljani motors, which is a UAE-based company is also geared up to launch its much-hyped hypercar that was making news way before its official launch. The motor show is going to be a versatile treat for both car enthusiasts and people who want to learn more about the future of transport.

Dubai International Motor Show director Andrew Wingrove said: “Without question, this year’s Dubai International Motor Show will be the most advanced and experience-oriented in our 30-year history. Since our last edition, we’ve seen the synergy between driving, motoring and the AI-led technologies at the heart of our future living – which will all come alive in Dubai.”

He further said that the change has now gone beyond just interior add-ons and dashboard tech. Rather, the event is going to be instrumental in bringing about tech that will change the way cars are created. In fact, experts even predict that by 2024, there will be 220 million 5-G connected cars.

At this year’s Dubai Motor show, visitors are invited to engross themselves in the future of transport and get up and close with the revolutionary smart car technology, AR/ VR augmented reality cars, Hyperloop technologies and virtual reality test drives.

This year, the motor show will be the ground for major car launches, including Aspark OWL, the Japanese electric car that has a 0-60 time of less than 2 seconds with a horsepower of 1,150 hp. 

Masanori Yoshida, president and CEO at Aspark, promises that Aspark will be one of the most powerful EVs ever made with a top speed of 280km and a 300km range on a single charge.

Zedro SAL, a Lebanese luxury car manufacturer will also be launching the fully customizable, 1250 hp Notorious while HongQi, China’s luxury car company will launch six brand new models.

Nissan will also be participating to give guests a peek into their latest automotive innovations and to create a safe and exciting transport model for the whole world.

But here comes the best part: Group 63, an elite club for AMG owners, will organise and display 20 of the most breathtaking hypercars from around the world. The display will include a limited-edition Bugatti Veyron, a Gumpart Apollo S and a Lamborghini Veneno.

It’s obvious that this year’s show is going to be the biggest and the most exciting in terms of the future of mobility. We would have to wait just a little while longer for more thrilling details to pop up!

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