The Latest 2020 Volkswagen Golf Has Been Unveiled!

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The latest Volkswagen Golf has been unveiled!
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The wait is over! The 8th generation Volkswagen Golf has been officially revealed at VW’s Wolfsburg Headquarters and will be available as a car for sale in Abu Dhabi next year. The new Golf showcases minor exterior tweaks but it will come with a complete refresh on the inside. brings you the full update.

Similar to the sketches of the 8th-gen Golf revealed earlier, it comes with slight exterior updates with a leaner grille and sharper LED headlights. It also sports a new chrome strip across the front fascia. The rear has been tweaked with more emphasis on a defined C-pillar and a raised rear bumper with the name ‘Golf’ inscribed under the VW logo.

The new Volkswagen Golf is built on VW’s latest MQB platform. Having almost identical dimensions as it predecessor, it has a wheelbase of 2,636mm. Moreover, it runs 4,284 mm long, 1,789mm wide with a ride height of 1,456mm. 

This latest model has a 1.0L 3-cylinder as a base engine and will offer 89bhp and 109bhp. The other engine on offer is a 1.5L 4-cylinder TFSI which will come in 129bhp and 148bhp guises. 

The great news is that the engines with 109bhp, 129bhp and 148bhp will all come with a 48V mild hybrid system and are paired with 7-speed automatic transmissions. The mild hybrid system allows the new car to recover energy while decelerating. It then gives up to 16bhp of electric push under acceleration which VW claims will make accelerating much more smooth. 

volkswagen interior car for sale in Abu Dhabi

These changes seem great but the real magic is on the inside. Taking the minimalist approach, the interior looks modern and sophisticated. The most dominating features of the dash are the 10.25 inch digital cockpit and a 10inch infotainment system. Additionally, the interior looks even more spacious due to its smart design.   

Traditional switches have been replaced with touch-sensitive surfaces. Controls such as climate, volume and even the sunroof are now controlled by sliding a finger. The conventional buttons are now located on the steering wheel which gives the interior a neater look. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available as standard in the new Golf. 

Volkswagen Golf is a beloved car for sale in Abu Dhabi and we hope that these changes will make it even more desirable. This new Golf will go on sale in the UAE next year as its production will start in December. As there is still time in its launch, has some great pre-owned cars in case you’re looking for an affordable car for your daily commute. 

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