Sketches of the New Volkswagen Golf Revealed Ahead of Debut!

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Sketches of the new Volkswagen Golf revealed ahead of debut! used cars in Abu Dhabi
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Volkswagen Golf tops the list when it comes to compact used cars in Abu Dhabi. Entering its eighth generation, the new Golf is yet to be unveiled. To give us a sneak peek, Volkswagen has uncovered the styling of the all-new Volkswagen Golf in sketches which show some new changes that make this car even more special. tells you all about the new Golf!

The rumor is that the new Golf will make its debut at the Wolfsburg headquarters of Volkswagen on October 24. For those of you who can’t wait for it, here are some details to satisfy your curiosity. The latest Golf has been seen going incognito however these sketches are a first look at the exterior and interior.

Golf used cars in Abu Dhabi

The sketch of the exterior shows that while the design will remain more or less the same, it will feature refreshed headlamps with a narrow light strip passing through the front. It will come with a new grille and a fresh bumper as well. Volkswagen claims that it will be “more dynamic than ever before”. Additionally, the longer wheelbase implies that it will offer more space inside.

The other sketch is what the carmaker calls the ‘new digital cockpit’. The cabin redesign replaces the heavy button console with a thin strip of buttons on the dashboard. Similarly, the air vents will also be located between these strips on the dash. According to Volkswagen, the interior of this Golf will be a “trendsetter in terms of its digitised and connectivity-oriented interior world, its assisted online-based functions and services.” It promises that this Golf will be connected around the clock with a new tech feature.

Moreover, the car maker has also mentioned that this car will have the most efficient engines with reworked suspension to give a nimble driving experience. It will be based on an enhanced version of its current MQB platform. As speculated, it will shed almost 70 kgs. 

The range of engines will also offer a mild-hybrid but a fully electric Golf might not be seen. However, if you’re looking for a fully electric car, Volkswagen ID.3 is the EV that the automaker will be focusing on. 
These sketches have stirred excitement among owners of used cars in Abu Dhabi. Looking for another car? Start searching on to get the best prices on used cars!

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