Trial Period Announced for Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System!

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Trial period announced for used car Abu Dhabi toll gate system!
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You don’t have to pay a toll while travelling in your used car in Abu Dhabi till next year. As per the announcement by authorities on Sunday, there will be a free trial period for toll gates from October 15 to January 2020. brings you this latest update. 

Abu Dhabi toll gates which were set to open in October have now been launched, but there will be no charges initially so that motorists can get enough time to complete the registration process required for the new traffic tariff system. In addition, it will also give motorists more time to organise the timings of their routine trips.

These gates were announced in July and the authorities said that four toll gates will become operational from October 15. 

According to the initial announcement, the accounts for road users with Abu Dhabi registered vehicles will be created automatically. Moreover, the log-in details were to be sent to motorists through text messages. However, Gulf News reported that till last week numerous motorists said that they hadn’t received any information that would allow them to top up their payment accounts for tolls.

From January 1, 2020, road users will be liable to pay a toll. However, people of determination, retirees, senior citizens and residents with low income are not liable to pay the toll fees.

The maximum daily fee on these toll gates is set at AED 16. The toll gate fees that will be applied monthly are as follows:  

  • For the first car, a total fee of AED 200
  • AED 150 for the second vehicle
  • AED 100 for every additional vehicle

Moreover the Musaffah Bridge toll gate has been moved so that motorists do not try to avoid the toll fee by taking the alternative route through the residential area of Barabat Abu Dhabi. This would lead to heavy traffic congestion in that area. The other three toll gates remain unchanged. They are situated on Sheikh Khalifa Bridges, Maqta, and Sheikh Zayed Bridge.

This means that you can easily get your used car Abu Dhabi registered in time. If you don’t have a car, then this gives you more time to buy a car and register it as well. If you’re looking to buy, provides you with a hassle-free car buying process.

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