Abu Dhabi Toll Gates Set to Open in October!

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Abu Dhabi Toll Gates set to open in October for used cars in Abu Dhabi!
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Get ready to pay road tolls while driving your used cars in Abu Dhabi. As per a recent announcement by the Department of Transportation (DoT), toll gates will be active in Abu Dhabi from October 2019 to ensure the free flow of traffic without the use of toll collectors or booths. CarSwitch.com gives you the details.

The plan is to install four toll gates. The gates will be located on the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Mussafah Bridge and Al Maqta’a Bridge. Drivers of used cars in Abu Dhabi will be charged AED 4 at peak hours and AED 2 during off-peak hours while passing these toll gates. Each vehicle will have a daily fee cap of AED 16. 

The payment for these tolls will be made through a prepaid toll account which is similar to Salik services in Dubai. Moreover, an online system will register all Abu Dhabi registered vehicles without any additional charges. This official system will start from August 20, 2019. The account details will be sent to residents through SMS which will contain their username and password. You can pay the toll fee through an e-wallet.

However, owners of cars from outside the capital will need to get registered before going through the gates. The registration can be done through the website of the Department of Transportation. Vehicles that are not registered or have registration from outside Abu Dhabi will get ten days to register after passing a toll gate, otherwise they will be liable to pay a fine. 

Exempt Vehicles

As per the law, the following vehicles are exempt from toll fees: ambulances, public buses, civil defence vehicles, licensed taxis, motorcycles, authorised school buses, armed forces, trailers, passenger buses which have 26 passengers or more as well as Ministry of Interior Vehicles. Electric vehicles are also exempt from toll frees for two years.


After the grace period of ten days, unregistered vehicles will incur a fine of AED 100 for the first day, AED 200 for the second day and AED 400 after the third day. This fine will keep increasing till it reaches a maximum of AED 10,000. Moreover, cars registered outside Abu Dhabi will incur a fine of AED 50 per day if they don’t have sufficient amount in their account. 

Furthermore, people who tamper with license plates to evade fines will be liable to pay a fine of AED 10,000. Anyone who damages the e-payment machines or tolls will be liable to a fine of AED 10,000.

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