Mercedes-Maybach GLS Will Be Revealed by the End of 2019

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Fans are in for a real treat because Mercedes-Maybach GLS is rumoured to be as good as Maybach S-Class. Mercedes has gone to lengths to ensure that the Maybach GLS makes a mark of its own., an online marketplace that features certified cars for sale in Dubai, has put together the following info about the new Mercedes Maybach!


The 2016 Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 (which completely awed onlookers) has inspired the body structure of the new Maybach GLS. 

Grille, Lights and Wheels

Compared to the S-Class, the Maybach GLS will have a newly designed grille. It will also feature cool graphics for the car’s headlights and taillights. 

Besides this, we can also anticipate some unique features on the wheels and chrome on the body of the car, alongside some extra enhancements in store. 


The Maybach GLS aims to maximize comfort. It has more than enough leg space for the average person and it allows you to choose from a choice of four- or five-seater car. 


It is safe to expect technical upgrades to the cabin in terms of quality. In contrast to the current vehicles, the Maybach GLS is designed to increase safety, make it easy-to-operate as well as enhance the driving experience. 

To justify the hefty premium of the new GLS, Mercedes will introduce some features exclusive to only the Maybach.


It is expected to be sold in a GLS 580 guise. It will adopt the same double turbo 4.0-liter V-8 with hybrid assist.

With manufacturing planned to take place in Vance, Alabama, the Maybach GLS will become the most expensive car in America. 

Since the 2019 Maybach S560 starts from $171,745, we can be sure that the Maybach GLS will start from at least a whopping $200,000. This exceeds the current most expensive car built in the US, the Acura NSX starting at $159,495.

The CEO of Mercedes, Dietmar Exler, stated that the Maybach GLS is set to become a halo car which means that it will essentially help build the Mercedes brand. He further added that there is potential for more Maybach models in the future that will be based on the existing Mercedes luxury cars.

According to speculations, the official reveal may take place at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late 2019 and will go for sale by 2020. Till then, fans should stay hooked for more updates.

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