Supercar or Hypercar: What’s the difference?

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It’s obvious to anyone that a Lamborghini and Mclaren are different than a Corolla or some of the other Dubai used cars. There are many terms used to describe super-sonic performance cars. But words can get muddy when talking about the leagues of the high performance cars. For example, we use the words Hypercar and Supercar interchangeably when they are completely different types of cars. Here’s how you can tell the difference between an exotic hypercar annd an exciting supercar when you see them roaming around in Dubai!


Dubai used cars
Lamborgini Huracan Laranja

Supercars are in the top range of today’s performance cars and the specs they brag of make the cars of yesteryears pale in comparison. Million dollar price tags, mind-blowing lap times, and hundreds of horsepower – this is your supercar. The word was first used back in 1920s by The Times newspaper to describe a then outrageously performing “6.7-liter Ensign 6”. Nowadays, the word is used to describe cars with incredible performance, technology and design that the auto industry offers.

So, basically, a supercar is usually classed in terms of price tag, performance, design and technology. But, mostly performance is used as the ultimate standard. Let’s look at the example of Corvette C7 ZO6. It has boast-worthy specs and amazing lap times but is reasonably priced at 293,860 AED. Despite its relatively low price-tag as compared to its competitors, it is still a supercar.

Mclaren 650S on the other hand, has an innovative design technology and has a less than 3 second 0-60 time but offers nothing unique or distinctive in ground-breaking technology. Yet, it also qualifies as a supercar.

And then you have Ariel atom V8, which looks basically like a cage on wheel with its simplistic designs and also costs a fraction of some the other supercars, but it can outrun any of them on a track. But to transition to hypercar status, a car has to have all the attributes of a supercar and push the boundaries of technology, performance and design.


Dubai used cars
Ferrari La Ferrari

The term “hypercar” is used to describe the top 2 percent of supercars. To put it simply, every hypercar is a supercar but not every supercar is a hypercar. Case in point; the Ferrari 458 is a fantastic supercar but it doesn’t have the radical technology of the 1,500 Bugatti Chiron Hypercar. Mclaren Senna, Mclaren P1, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918 are feats of cutting-edge, innovative technological marvel with almost 1000 horsepower, hefty price tags, breathtaking design only rival each other in terms of impressive performance.

Almost every aspect of the car is meant to push the boundaries in terms of build, structure, powertrains, engine design, performance and technology. The hypercar is the ultimate yardstick against which all cars are measured.

With supercars becoming more tech-savvy, the eligibility for the hypercar status has become more demanding. Innovative tech that is pioneered by hypercars such as movable aerodynamics are now seen in some supercars such as the Ferrari 488 GTB. The fact that the tech has a “trickle down effect” is what keeps the hypercars at the front of the picture.

Dubai, being a hub of all new or Dubai used cars of supercar status offers a refreshing visual perspective on the cutting-edge technology that some of the best supercars have!

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