5 Best Car Gadgets from the Future!

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With car makers being in a constant battle to outdo one another and make their cars smarter, gadgets have traditionally sold cars. Occasionally, in a bid to selling car, companies try to push the boundaries of what can make their product stand out. Here is CarSwitch.com’s list of the best new tech ideas from the world of auto!

  1. BMW’s Connected Drive

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BMW’s connected drive is an app designed to make the driver more aware of their surroundings. It features real-time information on the traffic situation surrounding you including updates on the parking slots. Other components include an entertainment streaming package, a sophisticated Voice Assistant, Microsoft Office integration and smartphone-driven remote services virtually transform your phone into a camera and make you more connected with your surroundings.

  1. Rolls’ Royce Phantom Gallery

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Do you love art? If the answer is yes, then you can also decorate your car with your favourite art piece! A unique space of glass runs undisturbed across the dashboard of the new Rolls Royce phantom, providing you with an opportunity to present your favourite artwork within your vehicle. 

  1. Audi’s Traffic Light System

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How frustrating it is to be stuck in nose-to-nail traffic all day! Audi is using its tech know-how to absorb relevant traffic related data from the surrounding streets. When the car approaches an intersection that has the data-sharing signals turned “on”, it receives a signal from the intersection letting it know when the next signal (light) change will take place. By measuring speed and distance, the vehicle can traverse uninterrupted through the stream of traffic lights without stopping.

  1. Alpine’s “Telemetrics” System

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This french manufacturer of racing and sports cars is a greatly loved brand that has been selling car including its A110 Coupe with a handy “Telemetrics system”. The system is a touch-activated app that stores and records lap times and all the stuff that a car racer would need at their fingerprints, including temperature controls and power output.

  1. Vauxhall’s Life Hax feature

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Instead of having a plethora of sensors, cameras, electronics and radars for many purposes, Vauxhall’s promises a one-stop solution for many car “hacks”. It’s basically a multi-purpose tool designed for outdoorsy or sporty families that can take on jobs like charging phones, replacing SIM cards, detangling knots, undoing screws and even separating LEGO!

Everyone loves a good gadget and car manufacturers are constantly rivaling each other to produce the best or the most gimmicky products ever. Here are more 5 more cool car gadgets that anyone can equip their car with for an improved driving experience.

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