Things to Look out for Before Buying a Used Car in Dubai!

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Things to look out for before buying a used car in Dubai!
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Buying and selling a car in Dubai, UAE can be tricky especially as it’s one the largest financial transactions most buyers will make in their lifetime! If you’re not careful enough, it might turn into a loss with hidden damages and other scams. Our experts have CarSwitch tackle these risks by pre-inspecting cars and hand holding customers through the entire process, and here’s the list of things they suggest you check before buying a used car Dubai.

1.Service History

The key to maintaining a car is getting it serviced regularly. No service history record can raise a red flag when it comes to buying a used car Dubai. It is always better to choose a used car with complete service history so that you know that it has been taken care of. If the service history isn’t there but you still want to buy the car, make sure to get the car inspected which can surely help you with.

2. Engine leaks

Cars with engine leaks are a big NO! Rust, leaks or dents in the engine means that the car is not in a proper shape and engine fixes are costly repairs as well. So, it is highly recommended to not buy a used car with an engine leak unless the seller gets it fixed.

3. Majorly damaged cars

If the used car shows signs of a lot of damage, it has properly been in one or more severe accidents. Though, the owner might have gotten it fixed, it might cause issues in the long run. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Faulty transmission

A faulty car transmission is problematic. The way to check this is by pulling out the transmission dipstick. The fluid can be either pink or red and can be a little dark too in used cars. Though it should never smell or look burnt, because it would mean there is something wrong with the car.

5. Test drive the car

This one is a must before buying a used car Dubai. A test drive can highlight any issues with alignment, handling and you can also check for leaks by parking it at a clean spot and keep it running for 30 seconds. If there are any fluids on the surface after you move the car, there might be underlying issues in the car and it might not be worth investing in.

This list serves an important purpose not only for buyers but also for those planning to put up their car for sale. The above problem might lead to a much lower resale value or no sale at all. So,  take care of your car by maintaining it through service and also keep a car service record.

Its best to buy a certified pre-inspected used car Dubai and at, all cars are inspected with a thorough 200 point checklist to give you an enhanced buying experience.