RTA Launches an Awareness Campaign for Drowsy Drivers

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The RTA has urged drivers of new and used cars in UAE to be extra careful while fasting and driving since exhaustion and tiredness are the main causes of sleep while driving.

To ensure an “accident-free” month, the RTA has joined hands with the Ministry of the Interior as part of their awareness campaign to improve road safety in the month of Ramadan.

The campaign hopes to increase knowledge about the potential pitfalls of driving while fasting when sleepy and/or hungry. It is much more likely to lose your concentration while driving when fasting due to the changing eating and sleep patterns.

This impacts the ability of the driver to take an appropriate decision at the right time. Therefore, extra caution and attention is required when driving from the workplace to home to avoid traffic accidents,” an RTA official remarked.

Many accidents take place in Ramadan and their leading cause is the lack of a proper distance between the vehicles.

The official also recommended that drivers should keep their air-conditioners switched on as heat is the main cause of the exhaustion. It is also important that the driver sits in an actively upright position and keep their head raised while driving.

It is also recommended that the drivers get enough rest before getting ready to drive. In addition, if they start to feel drowsy or tired while driving, then they should immediately pull over.

The RTA official added that “Resting for a short period may help the driver to complete the journey safely. Once drivers hear the call for Maghreb prayer while driving, it is advisable for them to stop for a light iftar, even if it includes a glass of water and few dates, before resuming the journey.”

The RTA has engaged with the public on various platforms through both social and print media to educate the public about the importance of road safety during Ramadan. The RTA has sent 300,000 text messages urging motorists to drive safely during Ramadan.

At customer service centres, Ramadan gifts and leaflets are being distributed in collaboration with Al-Mutakamela Vehicle Testing and Registration company, Listerine and Emirates Driving Institute.

The RTA has also proceeded to change the truck timings in the month of Ramadan with prohibition on truck movement between 7:30 am to 9:30 am. On E-11, the ban will come into effect from 7 am to 11 pm.

Drivers should comply with the RTA’s tips for safe driving during Ramadan in order to improve road safety for themselves and the community.

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