UAE Residents Reluctant to Hop in an Autonomous Car, Survey Finds

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Dubai is aiming for 25% of transport vehicles to become driverless by 2030. But according to a survey conducted for driverless buses and taxis, most respondents said they wouldn’t be keen to hop in a computer-driven bus or new or used car Dubai.

The survey was held by OBOTEO-UAE  and only 1 in 8 respondents said that they would take a driverless taxi when it is launched on the roads.

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As per their estimation, it would take 15 months for 50% of the riders to adopt driverless taxis. Moreover, it will be another five years before figures reach the 89% acceptance mark.

The inevitable question of what should happen if a “taxident” happens comes up. 2 in 5 respondents held the taxi to be accountable, a quarter deemed the car brand to be responsible, 9 % said the insurer and 16% placed the blame on the licensing authority.

The residents also seem strict about the course of action that is to be followed soon after the accident, with 1 in 3 saying that the taxi must be decommissioned as soon as possible.

When asked if the passengers would let their children be driven by a driverless school bus, the results were mixed with more against the autonomous technology.

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The survey also gleaned information on another practical cum philosophical inquiry. Whose safety must be prioritised by the driverless car incase there is an accident?

More than half (51%) of the respondents said that the crash should always put the passenger’s safety first. Additionally, 25% of the members said that there should be a marked concern for the safety of the children and pregnant women, though it seems ambiguous on how the car would recognize them.

Ayman Alashkar, CEO, OBOTEO-UAE, said that the main motto of driverless vehicles is to reduce road accidents and save lives that occur mostly as a result of human errors.

He further added that driverless vehicles could reduce road accidents by a whopping 70 to 90% as human errors seem to be the main cause of road accidents.

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