6 Flashy Car Features from the 1970s!

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6 flashy car features from the 1970’s! used cars Dubai
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The 1970s were a colorful time in the world of cars. Even if you won’t find many used cars Dubai from the 1970s, you’ll definitely find them in museums as vintage cars. They had some very gaudy features which we can’t get over. CarSwitch lists 6 of them.

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1. Porthole windows

Many luxury car had porthole-sized windows at the back also known as opera windows. It was a signature style statement for posh sedans and coupe of those times. They were there to help with rear visibility and help with blind spots. Undoubtedly, some cars did carry it with elegance but some gave out a very tasteless look to the car.

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2. Molded carpet

Carpeting has almost become obsolete in this era but was a sign of luxury in the 1970’s. Molded carpet or cut pile carpet was used frequently in the 1970’s especially in the Caddys. The carpets were of bold colors which you might think were straight out of a designers closet. Nevertheless, they would seem extremely tacky if used today. Also, can you imagine washing them every other week?

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3. Grand hood ornaments

Well, hood ornaments are still a style statement for cars like Rolls Royce and to be honest, it can carry it well too. The cars from the 1970s were decorated with big hood ornaments. Moreover, they weren’t limited to just super-luxury cars but almost all cars had them. Though, they did look extremely fancy but they were very impractical. They add weight to the car and affect its aerodynamics. Hence, they’re left behind in the 20th century.

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4. Pillow-topped seats

Of course, we would love to have these comfy seats for long trips on the best roads in the UAE but are they practical? The 1970s seems like a time when car makers stopped at nothing to provide luxurious comfort. Some of the cars had proper sofa-like seats that you would probably expect in someone’s living room. Although, in the 21st century these seats would seem very outdated and over the top, flashy.

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5. Snazzy Trim names

Nowadays, we get trims like A4 or V-series but cars in those days had prince-like names so did the cars. For example, back in the day it wouldn’t even be just the Elegance trim, it would be ‘Seville Elegance’ or d’Elegance. If cars were to be named like this now, it would probably be because they have received an honor.

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  1. Faux Wood

Wood is an evergreen style element, right? Even now, we like to put wooden floor panels but now we know the problems with real wood as well. Car interior at that time were styled using faux wood. We can agree that wood can look stylish everywhere but neither is it practical nor is sit aerodynamically efficient.

These 1970s car features will hardly ever be seen in new or used cars Dubai. In this era of modern and futuristic designs, automakers are competing to make sleek and efficient cars. These features in cars of the 21st century will appear old fashioned at best and ostentatious at worst. For this reason, CarSwitch.com sells used cars from the recent past years in mint condition.