4 VIPs That Might Never Buy a Ferrari Again!

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Ferrari is an exquisite car for sale in Dubai and is a style statement in itself. It is a well-known fact about this brand that you don’t choose a Ferrari, a Ferrari chooses you. Not everyone can afford a Ferrari and even if you can, you might not be able to buy one. And there are some who either got banned or rejected by Ferrari too. CarSwitch lists 4 of those VIPs.

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1. Tyga

Tyga, an American Rapper, got in trouble when he couldn’t make payment for his Ferrari. As reported by TMZ, Tyga stopped making payments for his leased 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and a 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost. It was later reported that he got his Ferrari back with some involvement from his then girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Even though, Ferrari didn’t particularly had to say anything about it, Tyga did lose his credibility.

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2. David Lee

David Lee is a multimillionaire jeweler and a die-hard car enthusiast. He owns cars worth $50,000 million with even more Ferrari’s than in Bill Gates car collection. Along with that, he regularly posts about his Ferrari Collection and expensive watches on his instagram(ferraricollector_davidlee) which shows his love for the brand.

Even with this history, Ferrari turned David down when the 209 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Limited Edition came out. Ferrari did not comment on it except saying that Lee was a valued customer. This seems unfair even for Ferrari because David has preserved, modified and restored vintage Ferrari cars. The reason is still unknown but he still remains an avid Ferrari collector.

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3. Chris Harris

Chris Haris is a British car reviewer, writer and TV host. He is known for his appearance on Top Gear and his show, Chris Harris on cars. Being a car journalist, how did Chris manage to end up on Ferrari’s naughty list? Here it goes! In 2011, he wrote an article ‘how Ferrari spins’.

In the article, he criticized the car maker for optimizing cars to ace the magazine reviews. He also added that car reviewers have to write a positive review to please Ferrari and called the brand ‘paranoid’. After that, he was banned to test drive any more Ferrari’s. Though, in 2013 he did a positive review of Ferrari 458 after which Ferrari called Truce with Chris.

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4. Deadmau5 a.k.a Joel Zimmerman

A Canadian DJ, Deadmau5 wrapped his Ferrari with Nyan Cat and rainbow theme wrap. Additionally, he put up purrari badges and custom floor mats and called it his ‘Purrari’. Ferrari took it very personally when the DJ took the car to road rally across Europe. He got a cease and desist letter accusing him of trademark infringement.

He then unwrapped it and sold the car. The drama didn’t really end there. After that, he bought a Lamborghini Huracan, customized it with the same wrap, badges and mats and named it ‘Puracan’. Not just that, he trolled Ferrari on twitter with his new Puracan as well. This surely was a fiasco for the super exclusive brand.

It’s clear that Ferrari takes pride in its exclusivity. Although, not every car for sale in Dubai is as expensive as a Ferrari. So, whatever your budget it, CarSwitch.com has a car for you!