How to Protect Your Car Against Storm Damage in Dubai!

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How to Protect Your Car Against Storm Damage in Dubai
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Even though most cars are made to be durable, they often undergo wear and tear in severe weather conditions. Dubai cars can even get flooded when it rains cats and dogs. So, when the weather becomes threatening, take the following precautions to protect your used car in Dubai.

Immediate protection measures
  • Do not use trees as a shelter as the tree or its branches can fall on top of it causing further damage.
  • Never drive fast in a storm as it increases the chances of a crash. Instead, you should look for a safe shelter until the storm is over.
  • If you are stuck in a storm and it is hindering your visibility, manoeuvre your car off the road because you have higher chances of being hit by other cars in the traffic.
  • In reduced visibility, you should turn on the lights while driving. Also, if you stop at the roadside, do not forget to use the hazard lights. 
  • You should not drive when it is flooded unless it is an emergency. This is because the flowing water that is even relatively shallow can sweep away your vehicle.
  • You should arrange an alternative parking spot that is safe for your car if your yard is prone to flooding.

Apart from this, you should make sure that your car is insured because hail and flooding can cause a lot of damage. The cost of repair would depend on the size of the car, number of parts that need to be repainted, and extent of the damage. 

Preventative Protection

You can also buy padded car covers, also known as hail covers. These help protect your car from the hailstones. The protection level, however, depends on the cover type and size of the hails. It does not guarantee full protection but it can help. For a hail cover, you should look for the quality, durability, and thickness as well as the stitching of the padding. These are just some important features to consider before buying one. 

Once you buy a hail cover, you should practice fitting it as it takes a few attempts before you learn to properly do it. Some covers are heavy and thus you may need someone’s help. Also, you should be careful that the cover is not dragged to the ground as it can pick grit with it, causing the car’s paint to be scratched. Covers can also induce rust if moisture is trapped under it. So, you should regularly remove the cover so that any moisture that is present can be evaporated. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check the forecast and take preventative measures accordingly. 

These are some of the simple measures which can protect you and your cars for sale. If you want to check out pre-inspected and reliable cars in Dubai, you can easily do so through and start shopping!

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