Aston Martin Reveals a Roofless V12 Speedster!

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Aston Martin will be launching the V12 Speedster, a roofless car modeled on the design of the traditional speedster. While there have been just a few updates about its specs and aesthetics, we hope to see this fabulous car to be added to the cars for sale in UAE soon!

Knowing Aston Martin’s attention to beautiful design, avid fans are expecting a real looker! After all, it is being built as a homage to Aston Martin’s 1959 Le Mans victory, so it deserves some rightful jazz. With all the top-notch specifications, the Speedster does not disappoint. did some research to share the details with you!


With a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 that produces 700bhp and 516lb torque, the car packs quite a punch. It will come with a ZF 8HP automatic transmission.


Aston Martin is keeping quiet about their newest make. The only details about the car’s exterior are that the chassis uses AM’s expertise in bonded aluminium surfaces. In comparison, the V12 Aston Martin DB11 and DBS Superleggera both use the same material.

Moreover, we also know that the Speedster’s roofless design gives an added flare. ‘Invigorating’ and ‘thrilling’ were just some of the words that have been used to describe the sensational driving experience. 

Limited production

Of course, with such a car, it is no surprise that it stands as a limited edition piece with only 88 vehicles set to be made. 

Price point

Interested individuals can get their hands on the car by early 2021, with prices rumoured to be between £750,000 and £800,000. These, however, are just estimates.

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