Here’s What We Know About Aston Martin DBX

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Here’s what we know about Aston Martin DBX ahead of its debut! sell any car in Sharjah
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Aston Martin is launching its new SUV soon and we can’t wait! Expected to be revealed on 20th November in Beijing, the British car maker is set to make its mark with its upcoming SUV Aston Martin DBX. The experts at, an online marketplace where you can easily buy or sell any car in Sharjah, has compiled these details.

This SUV which was presented as a concept car in 2015 and has become a vital edition for the Aston Martin lineup. With Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus, the competitors of Aston have already entered this segment. It would be interesting to see whether DBX can claim Bentayga’s title of being the World’s fastest SUV.

The Aston Martin DBX costs AED 848,000 but as per market feedback, many buyers from the UAE have already pre-ordered the DBX without knowing the specifications of this new car. As surprising as it may seem, according to Dan Balmer, President of Aston Martin Lagonda Middle East, Africa and Turkey, this is not surprising at all as these confidential events spike buyers interest by promising to show them something amazing ahead of the world.

He also mentioned that he expects this recent entrant to double the sales in the Gulf region due to high demand for SUVs. The Aston Martin DBX has already piqued interest as it combines sporty performance with everyday usability and safety for its consumers. 

This SUV segment has recently become a cash cow for carmakers as customers are demanding more SUVs and crossovers. The proof lies in the high demand for Bentley Bentayga with a starting price of AED 850,000 and Rolls’ Cullinan with a price over AED 2 million. 

Not much has been revealed regarding this new Aston, but we know is that it will have adjustable suspension as well as anti-roll bars. Additionally, it will most likely be powered by Mercedes AMG based twin turbo V8 powerhouse. 

The countdown has begun and you might be seeing it soon. So, if you want to sell any car in Sharjah to buy this latest premium entrant in the SUV segment, list your car on today!

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