Taxi bookings through RTA’s call center ending

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Dubai’ans, soon you won’t be able to book taxis through RTA’s call center!
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Dubai residents who often use taxis instead of their own used car in Dubai will not be able to hail a cab like they used to. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is making some changes with regards to booking taxis. tells you all about it.

Previously, Dubai residents booked taxis by calling the RTA call centre. With effect from December 7, 2019, Hala e-hailing service, a joint venture between RTA and Careem, will be used for booking taxis. One million bookings have already been made through this app. This is being done under the Smart City Initiative by the Dubai Government. Under the same initiative, the RTA is also offering easy renewal of services as well providing mobile Customer Service Centers. 

Ahmad Bahorzyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency said “This step marks a paradigm shift of Dubai Taxi booking process from the call centre to Hala. It is part of RTA’s strategic drive to support Dubai Government’s Smart City Initiative.This transition comes after a landmark one-millionth booking within days after the official launch of Hala service on 29th August 2019.”

He also mentioned that steps have been taken to make the transition easy for users of taxis in the Emirate. This plan is aligned with the RTA’s efforts to revamp Dubai taxi services so that they are more accessible to an even greater number of users through e-hailing. Moreover, customers can also use the Careem in-app chat in case of any issues or questions. This will also provide a shorter estimated time of arrival for passengers. 

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