Welcome the All-New Toyota Hilux Taxi in Dubai!

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Looks like it’s not just the Dubai Police force that is adding new vehicles to the fleet. Dubai taxi is also enlarging their Taxi Fleet. And that includes a pick-up truck now! So, all Dubai used car owners who would like to head off-road to the mountain side, this pick-up truck is perfect for you.

The distinctively-designed pick-up truck is a special Hilux truck that can house up to four passengers and has plenty of storage room to store many outdoor items.

According to the RTA, “Hatta Taxi facilitates carrying goods and four people to and from Dubai and has been in service since September last year.”

Hatta also residents can book the pickup taxi to get around Dubai.

Currently, there are two pilot Toyota Hilux Taxis on the road to gauge market demand. An RTA spokesman explained, “We are measuring the customer’s demand on the service, and we are planning to increase our vehicles in the future depending on the market demand.

The RTA is also giving Hatta residers 50% discount on completion of the trip! The RTA also runs two other Hatta Taxi services from two routes in Dubai, the Sabkha Bus station and Al Aweer fruit and vegetable market.

Customers and Dubai used car owners can choose to take the ride exclusively and residents in Thatta can book their rides through a dispatch service located in Thatta.

It’s good news for Dubai used car owners that UAE’s taxi fleet is improving and expanding. However, having your own personal car is more convenient and a good investment. Get yours online at CarSwitch.com and choose from our list of pre-inspected and quality-assured Dubai used cars from a wide variety of makes and models. Happy shopping!