RTA and Dubai Police Collaborate to Build a Rapid Response Team!

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RTA and Dubai Police collaborate to build a rapid response team in Dubai

Traffic congestion and jams can sometimes make you want to sell your car in Dubai, UAE. Well, we’ve got some good news. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a Traffic Incidents Management Scheme in Dubai to ensure that the situation caused by an accident can be controlled as soon as possible and traffic jams can be avoided.

A unit of vehicles will be deployed over a distance of 70 km on Sheikh Zayed Road on a trial basis and each vehicle will be positioned to cover 13 kms so that they can reach the accident site within 10 minutes or less. The vehicles have been fitted with advanced tech which include communication devices.

The purpose of these vehicles is to clear minor traffic accidents within 10 minutes and prevent traffic congestion, to take care of vehicles that breakdown and remove vehicles to keep the flow of traffic steady. Additionally, the Dubai Police will help analyze the damage and file the needed paperwork. Besides Sheikh Zayed Road, the vehicles under this scheme will patrol surrounding roads, help the police and ensure the security of parked vehicles.

The objective of this is not only to make Dubai safer but to also play a part in Dubai’s traffic control strategy. This effort is done in solidarity with RTA and the Dubai Police for the security of citizens and to obtain control of the traffic in case of traffic jams. Nonetheless, it is still advised to keep a check on your speed limit to avoid accidents.

This fleet will also serve the purpose of any further accidents occuring in case of hold up due to the first accident. The reason for choosing Sheikh Zayed Road for this purpose is because it is one of the most congested Roads in Dubai, UAE. This joint venture by RTA and Dubai Police is to keep in mind the interests of the citizens of Dubai and help them in times of distress.

While the Dubai Police will be in charge of the patrolling, investigating major accidents and reporting traffic offences, RTA will help with the more technical side by providing traffic light schedules, analyze traffic diversions, monitor cameras on the road and control the virtual signs in regards to the traffic. Though, for your own safety beware of the scariest type of drivers.

Moreover, it is expected to lower the time of traffic jams by almost 35% by providing speedy assistance.

This effort by the RTA and Dubai Police seems to be a progressive step in the betterment of the traffic flow on Sheikh Zayed Road. Despite this, if you think you need a more comfortable car to deal with the crowded roads in Dubai, you can always opt for selling car and buying a more better one. CarSwitch.com provides you with a great platform to complete the buying and selling process without any hassles.