New Electric Car from Genesis Set to Be Tesla’s Rival

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Genesis EV

Genesis has entered the market with the latest addition to its range of vehicles: the Genesis EV. It is set to rival Tesla in every measure., an online marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars, summarises some interesting details about the Genesis EV. Read on to find out more!

Genesis Motor plans to artfully structure its range of electric cars to match and compete with Tesla. Genesis already has a zero-emission Sedan and SUV well ahead of the planning stage.  

When is it set to launch?

The Genesis EV is rumoured to hit the roads in 2021. For now, it has been kept tightly under wraps with only very limited information available. 

How is Genesis planning to obtain a high number of sales?

In order to bring in big bucks for Genesis and capture a higher market share, it will have to set itself up with the Tesla 3 and (upcoming) BMW i4. It will have to offer its electric sedan as a competitor to the G70 sports sedan.  

On the other hand, it is uncertain what market segment it will fall but it will most probably rival against the Tesla Model X.

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What else is Genesis working on?

But that is not all that Genesis has to offer. They are also working on a version of the mint hatchback, revitalizing visual aesthetics in cars. Word has it that Manfred Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Genesis, has been eager to get production started. 

Genesis has revealed that they are waiting to achieve their productive capacity on this project in order to finalize the technicalities. 

The mint hatchback, of course, will join Genesis’ range of electric cars. The specific details are still unknown but we can safely assume that it will offer a powertrain driving range of up to 200 miles (320 km) and feature support for 350 kW fast charging.

However, Genesis is not forgetting its old timers. Well before any of these cars are unveiled, Genesis will be launching its G80 and the GV80 SUV concept.

We bet you can not wait for Genesis’ big reveal! You have two options then: either wait for the Genesis EV and then buy it. Or you can start exploring other new or used cars in Dubai on and start shopping!

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