4 Forgotten 50s Sport Cars

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The fifties was a decade of massive change. A lot of remarkable cars were also produced during this decade. CarSwitch.com, a marketplace for new and used cars in Dubai, talks about the top four most iconic forgotten 50s sports cars. 

1. Hot Shot

The Hot Shot was the result of a genius man’s continuing lucky streak. After radios and shelved refrigerators, Powel Crosley moved onto automobiles with the Crosley Hot Shot. 

He introduced a small car powered by an air-cooled, two-cylinder, Waukeshaw industrial engine. It sold for a measly $325 a piece, making it the cheapest selling car in America at the time. 

The war of 1942 saw a halt in Hot Shot production. However, soon with the end of the war in 1946, the vehicle underwent a renewal and was released with a 44 cubic inch, four-cylinder Cobra engine.

2. Kaiser-Darrin

Howard Darrin was hailed as a car pioneer for the longest time since he had a good eye for vehicle trade. It was not long before his passion spilt over into the creativity side of cars that he started to design and build his own vehicles. 

The Kaiser-Darrin was the result of a number of innovations and creatives coming together, but when it was produced, Darrin was not really proud of his work. The car used a Henry J chassis and a Willys F head six-cylinder engine that gave out 90 horsepower. The car was light, weighed around 2000 pounds, hence, making it one of the fastest cars for its time. 

3. Kurtis Kraft

The Kurtis Kraft is any race car fan’s dream come true: an Indianapolis legal streetcar with fenders and headlights that can run 142 miles an hour.

The Kurtis Kraft sports cars were unbeatable. It was lightweight, designed with fibreglass bodies, had a suspended torsion bar and beam axles with bare minimum comfort.

However, eventually, Kurtis Kraft saw its downfall. Soon, other automobile tycoons picked up its features and revealed an improved version of the Kurtis vehicle.

4. Muntz Jet

Earl Muntz was a self-proclaimed madman. After making a hefty fortune selling cars and televisions, his lucky streak hit a dead end when he turned to the world of automobile production. 

He produced almost 40 vehicles. It was a two-seater car with 5.5 litre Cadillac engines and Hydramatic transmissions which could go from zero to 80 miles per hour in just nine seconds. He later installed a 13-inch wheelbase to make space for a back seat and also added overhead valve engines.

He priced it at $5,500 a piece. This only brought Muntz financial loss, losing a grand a piece.

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