Fast & Furious Becomes a Netflix Cartoon for Kids

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It is no secret that Netflix has given television a real run for its money. And now it is transforming one of the greatest movie franchises of all time into a cartoon series. Yes, you read it right, Fast & Furious is getting its very own Netflix show! You will come across attractive as well as speedy cars on the show and you might even wish some of the new and used cars were on!

Back in 2001 when the first installment hit the big screen, the youth at that time went crazy. Now, Netflix’s up and coming production Fast & Furious: Spy Racers is set to do the same.

With Vin Diesel on the board of producers, it is likely that the show will retain the movie franchise’s grit and will be enjoyed by loyal fans. Producers have kept eager fans waiting, as there has only been a single trailer released so far. Featuring a race down between a Dodge Challenger and a Porsche 911, the scene is complete with some unique styling. 

Netflix has portrayed Spy Racers as a situation occurring when a “group of teenagers infiltrates an elite racing league controlled by a nefarious organization bent on world domination.” 

In terms of the big bucks, it is Universal, DreamWorks and the man himself, Vin Diesel, who are financing the project. features a wide range of pre-inspected and quality-assured used cars in Dubai. We provide a hassle-free buying and selling experience, so log on today and start shopping!

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