3 Common Modes of Shipment for Exporting Your Car from Dubai!

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Moving or shifting to a new country can be challenging, but for gearheads, leaving behind their pre-loved car can be very painful. However, if you really don’t want to part from your used car in Dubai, you can always opt to export your car to wherever you’re shifting. CarSwitch.com lists the shipping modes through which you can take your car with you. 

Car shipping modes depend on your car, destination and budget. If you’re confused, it’s better to consult a professional on which option you should choose. Here are the 3 common modes of car shipping.

  1. Sea Freight
  • By Container

Shipping through containers is a budget-friendly way of shipping vehicles. These containers are industrial grade and can ship your car securely. The cars can be sent in either dedicated containers or consolidated containers. Consolidated containers can ship more than one car and are usually better for customers with budget constraints. Dedicated containers promise exclusivity with one car in the container. These are often used for high-end or exotic luxury cars along with their accessories. Hence, dedicated containers are more expensive than the consolidated ones.

  • Roll-on Roll-off (RORO)

Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) carriers are specifically made for hauling cars, bikes, trucks or any product with wheels. It is one of the most pocket-friendly options to transport your Dubai used car. These huge vessels have purpose-built ramps to make it easier for cargo with the wheel to load and off-load. Though, you might have to plan ahead as they sail after almost every two weeks. Also, they might not be as secure as a dedicated truck to ship your car. 

2. Air Freight 

Shipping by air is the quickest delivery mode and consequently, the most expensive as well. Shipping your car by air definitely has huge benefits such as high reliability and faster delivery. The chances of delays in transporting cars by air are less likely than in other modes of transportation. Moreover, freight planes operate on an everyday basis making it extremely convenient as a fast delivery option. Although if you are on a budget, you might not be able to afford it. If you own one of the limited edition supercars, this might be a better option and you might surely be able to afford it as well.

3. Land Freight

If you are transporting your car to another GCC country such as Oman or Saudi Arabia, doing it by road can be certainly cheaper than the rest. Shipping can be done through shared trucks or dedicated trucks. Shared trucks are cheaper than dedicated trucks however, the reliability of hauling cars by road can be tricky. 

These modes can help you easily ship your used car in Dubai to wherever you’re planning to move. If you can’t afford to take your car with you, CarSwitch.com can help you sell your car in a hassle-free and transparent way!

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