Explained: The Process of Exporting Your Car From the UAE!

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If you’re a true gearhead, we’re sure that you won’t want to part with your car when you’re moving. If you’re not willing to sell your used car for sale in Sharjah, then exporting it to your destination country is a good option. To help you with that, CarSwitch.com guides you through the export procedure. 

How to start

First and foremost, you need to have a valid passport/VISA (for expatriates) and your car needs to be operational in order to start the process. To export your car to another country, you will need an RTA issued export certificate. For that, you need to visit your nearest RTA centre and it is compulsory for the owner of the car to be present for the certificate to be issued. Once that’s done, you can send your car to the freight forwarding company.

The process

Once you’re ready to ship your car, the shipping companies conduct a thorough car inspection. The result of the inspection is recorded to document information regarding the condition of the car such as mileage and scratches etc.

The vehicle is put under a protective cover to save it from any damage during shipping and then loaded into the container. After that, wooden bracing is used to ensure that the car does not move in the container and remains steady during transit.

The car is then secured to the container bed using a high-quality belt which can support tons of weight. This process is called lashing and is an important step to ensure the safety of your car

Finally, some finishing checks are implemented to make certain that the vehicle is now safe for shipping according to international shipping standards. Furthermore, your passport’s copy is sent to the port in order to get the export declaration.

Your car is then sent to the port via large freight trucks. Once it reaches the port, it will be checked by customs and a formal audit will be done. After all the formalities are complete, your car will be loaded onto the carrier for transit. 


Shipping of cars is possible to almost all countries globally. However, some countries might have regulations which may deter the import of certain types of cars, for example, you cannot export left-hand cars to India. 

Shipping time

The shipping time depends on the mode of shipment that you choose. Air freight is usually the fastest but carries a hefty price tag. Sea freight takes more time but is far more economical than air freight. Land shipping might be the cheapest solution but it cannot be used to ship cars to all countries. 

A car shipping within the UAE or GCC countries might take 2 to 5 days. However, transit via sea to Europe can take between 3-4 weeks. Similarly, exporting your car to East Africa can take approximately 7-15 days whereas it takes between 30-45 days to ship to West Africa. These times are approximate and may vary according to weather conditions and transport availability. 


The cost of shipping may vary according to the mode of shipment. Moreover, you will have to pay certain taxes and duties which are applied to the value of your car, according to the country you’re shipping your car to.

This may seem like a tricky process but if you’re determined to not list your used car for sale in Sharjah, then this guide can help you. Although, if you think it might get more expensive to ship then you can list your car for sale and CarSwitch.com can help you through the process. 

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