What You Need to Do to Export Your Dubai Used Car!

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There is no denying that UAE residents love their cars. That’s why individuals who are relocating are not always willing to sell their used car in Dubai. The only other option left for them is to export the car to the country they are moving to. If you’re one of those, here is CarSwitch.com’s guide to exporting your car from Dubai to your desired destination. 

Preparing to export your car is an important task. Apart from prepping your car for shipping, you also need to complete certain procedures and gather the required documents. 

 Prepare your documents

In order to get your car shipped, you have to first cancel your car registration with the RTA and get an export certificate. The documents required to complete this process include:

  1. Passport/UAE visa and Emirates ID

The prerequisite for shipping anything out of the UAE is that you should have a valid passport or visa. 

2. Export Insurance Certificate

This certificate provides insurance for the car for up to 14 days. It is also the time limit in which you will need to export your car.

3. Car Registration

Original car registration is a must in order to complete this process. If it is expired, you might need to renew your car registration

4. Car License Plates

Take off your car’s license plate as they have to be submitted in order to get the export certificate. 

5. Additional Documents

If you’ve bought the car through finance, you will also need to submit a mortgage release letter. This is issued by the bank once you’ve cleared your loan. 

Visit the RTA

Once you’ve collected all these documents, head to your nearest RTA centre. Submit the documents, the number plates and pay off any fines you might have on your car. Your car registration will be cancelled if your paperwork is complete and the RTA will issue an export certificate for you along with temporary blue export number plates. You can travel with these number plates for 15 days in the UAE. 

Shipping your car

Now, you will need a car shipping company that can transport your vehicle. They will help you get your clearance from Dubai customs. Before you ship your car to the country you are relocating to, make sure you know if you can export your car there and about any taxes or custom fees they might charge you at your destination. 

That’s all you need to do and you can easily ship your used car in Dubai to whichever country you are shifting too. However, if you think that you’ll be better off selling your car before you leave, CarSwitch.com can offer you a hassle-free car selling experience!

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