8 Steps to Prepare Your Used Car in Abu Dhabi for Shipping!

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Relocating to another country is no easy feat, especially with your beloved car. This is why many people often choose to sell their used car in Abu Dhabi before they move to another country. However, if you’re planning to export your car, it is essential to prepare for it beforehand in order to save yourself from the last minute hassle. CarSwitch.com gives you tips to prepare your car for shipping. 

  1. Remove all important items

Before shipping your car, ensure that you have taken out any valuable documents or personal possessions. It is better to remove any expensive customizations before shipping your car as well in order to reduce the likelihood of theft. 

2. Low fuel

Lower your fuel tank with almost a quarter left. Low fuel levels can make your vehicle lighter and easy to move. Moreover, high fuel levels can easily catch fire and cause a safety hazard as well. 

3. Deactivate alarms

Car alarms going off while transporting can be distracting and noisy. Moreover, they can also drain the battery of your car making it difficult to start while unloading. This can cause a delay in the arrival of your shipment. 

4. Car wash and inspection

Wash your car beforehand and inspect it yourself to take notice of any damages (discolouration, dents and scratches) to the car. Additionally, take pictures of the exterior and interior. Even though accidents rarely happen during shipping, this process can make it easier for you to check for any additional damages incurred during transit.

5. Car Maintenance Check

Check for any leaks prior to shipping and if there are any, try to get them fixed beforehand. Make a car maintenance checklist which includes fluid top-up, battery charge and tires. Follow through the checklist to ensure that your car is in good condition. 

6. Cooling Fluid

If you’re transporting your car to a drastically different temperature than the UAE, check with your mechanic to check if your car coolant needs to be changed accordingly. 

7. Car Condition

Ensure that your car is in working condition before shipping it off and if it isn’t let the transporters know about it. This is essential if you’re using RORO carriers as a method of transport because if the car isn’t in a working condition, it will be difficult to put in and out of the container. 

8. Duplicate keys

The shipping company will need to drive your car on and off the truck so will need your keys. Get an extra pair of keys for the moving company. After all, you don’t want to hand them the only set of keys that you have.

These simple steps can make the process of exporting your used car in Abu Dhabi to another country smoother and easier. However, if you want to take the other route and list your car for sale, CarSwitch.com is here to help you!

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