Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will Have the Most Powerful V8 Ever!

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We are here with the latest scoop for owners of new and used cars in Dubai! Mercedes is now going to roar with the most powerful engine ever! Every Mercedes AMG GT will pale in comparison to the Black Series that will be released in a few months. 

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers said at the Frankfurt Motor show that the black series will be in a different league or in a “different universe”.

The Black Series is a whole different car to the GT-R Pro,” Moers said. “Everything is new. The body-in-white is shared, but regarding everything else – driving dynamics, powertrain and outputs – expect something totally different. We’re going to move up the horsepower by far. It could be the most powerful AMG V8 ever”.

The GT-R pro roars out a 585 hp and as of now the title of the most powerful V8 goes to GT 63 S, a 4 door sedan that packs a punch of 639 hp. However, it is claimed that the GT Black series will bump the power close to 700 hp. 

In addition to that, the black series will also have a distinctive aero system and suspension components. The prototypes have a massive Le-mans style back wing and a more prominent front spoiler than the GTR- Pro.

The GTR-Pro currently has a lap time of 7 minutes and 4.6 seconds whereas the record for the best lap time is currently held by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ at 6 minutes. Even though Moers didn’t really confirm a Nurburgring agenda for the new AMG black series, he did say, “ “Wait and see. It will be fast.”

The production number for the black series hasn’t been decided yet, though it is expected to be a low volume number. Time and investment was put into the series after surveying the market. “It will be worth it for us,” Moers adds.

He further mentioned that despite cars becoming more “digital and computerised”, it is important for them to feel more “analogue”. It is important that the car is drive-worthy without ESP and easily manoeuvrable on the racetrack.

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