Ferrari F8 Drop-Top Version Comes with 710 Hp!

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Ferrari F8 drop-top version comes with 710 hp and might tempt you to sell your car in Abu Dhabi
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Not long ago, the Ferrari F8 Tributo had enthusiasts swooning over it. Now, Ferrari has revealed its drop-top version and you’d want to sell your car in Abu Dhabi to buy it, especially if you’re a gearhead. Moreover, it comes with an extra power punch, which is 50hp more than the 488 Spider. tells you all about it.

Shortly after Al-Tayer launched the F8 Tributo, we see another amazing car from the legendary carmaker. Just like its predecessor 488 Pista Spider, it packs a punchy twin-turbo V8 powerhouse and a sassy drop-top. However, it of course gets some enhancements over the previous model to make it even more impressive.

The feisty F8 Spider has a 3.9L motor paired with a 7-speed dual clutch F1 transmission. This power-packed machine pumps out a whopping 710 hp. It also has a lightweight crankshaft, connecting rods, flywheel and lighter exhaust manifolds. Hence, it’s motor carries 20kg less weight than the 488 spider. With 50 hp and 10 NM more than the 488 spider Pista, the F8 Spider reaches 710 ho with a scorching 7,000 rpm with 770 Nm torque.

This adrenaline pumping F8 Spider goes from 0-100 kph in only 2.9 seconds, topping off at 340kph. With 15 kph more on top speed and an improvement of one tenth of a second on the 0-100 kph sprint than the outgoing model, it sure is hardcore. 

Ferrari F8 Drop-Top Version is here so you can sell your car in Abu Dhabi!

The exterior giving the pure Ferrari flair has its S-duct decorated by sharp LED lights to make it more eye-catching. Larger air intakes on the rear comes along with a subtle rear spoiler which makes the rear look pretty great.

Of course, the highlight of this F8 Tributo is it’s retractable hard drop-top which takes 12 seconds to go down at 45 kph. The engine gets a tonneau cover for its motor and once, the top goes down, two buttresses emerge to support the driver and passenger seat. With its extreme speed, these back supports are an obvious need.

Ferrari F8 Drop-Top Version interior

The interior of this convertible variant of F8 Tributo sports a 7-inch touchscreen in front of the passenger seats. It also features a driver’s display which offers a plethora of information. The classic gauge cluster remains as it is along with centrally mounted tachometer.

You might not focus on the tech while being impressed by this supercar’s speed but it packs great tech amenities as well. Its Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer + gives the driver more control on exits. Moreover, Ferrari’s Side Slip Control system allows drivers to maintain control of the car is the rear end steps out.

This might not be the only convertible being added by Ferrari to its celebrated convertible line-up as 812 Superfast convertible variant is out as well. Starting from the 308 GTS in 1977, Ferrari has come a long way with its open top versions. And guess what, Ferrari hybrid supercar might be revealed soon as well. Exciting, right?

A convertible Ferrari is a fascinating choice for enthusiasts, so you might be willing to sell your car in Abu Dhabi for this one. However, if you’re looking for a car on the more luxurious side, has many of them to offer you as well!

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