BMW’s Future EVs Will Feature Oscar-Winning Movie Soundtrack!

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Today, electric cars for sale in Abu Dhabi are much more advanced and reliable. It’s no surprise that major auto manufacturers are focusing on advancing battery technology and upgrading interior technology, but nowadays carmakers are also continually developing features to improve vehicle safety.

With increased investment into the electric vehicle industry, it was only a matter of time until new regulations were put in place to guide automakers concerning car safety. talks about one major problem faced by owners of EVs and the solution developed by automakers to address it. Read on to find out more!

The Problem: Deafening Silence

If you have ever sat in an EV or hybrid, you may have noted that it is very silent. You cannot hear much of anything, apart from the flow of wind around the car.

It is quite likely that a quiet engine may increase the chances of the driver falling asleep. That is probably why in Europe new regulations require electric vehicles to produce a minimum level of sound for safety reasons. It is understandable that this is a necessary feature since, besides the risk of falling asleep, electric cars and hybrids make it near impossible to tell just by hearing if the car is on or off. This means that someone may leave their car overnight or at work and return later to find their car battery drained.

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The Solution: Oscar-Winning Movie Soundtrack

BMW decided to get creative and employ the help of Hans Zimmer, the composer behind the film scores of movies like Interstellar and Inception. He collaborated with BMW for the soundtrack of their Vision M Next concept car. 

The BMW Vision M NEXT hybrid is their first vehicle to feature the BMW IconicSounds Electric. It is not made to imitate engine sounds, but rather to add a different auditory sensation to the overall driving experience. 

The Competition

It is not only BMW, but also competing automakers that are jumping on the audio-stimulation bandwagon. Companies like Volkswagen and Mercedes-AMG, who are known for producing great-sounding engines, are also working to bring a unique auditory experience to their electric models.

BMW claims that it wants to rekindle a sense of harmony between the driver and an electric vehicle. In the past, the connection between the car and the driver was mechanical but with advancements in technology such as electric steering and braking, that connection is weakened; one does not feel the same feedback from modern cars. Sounds may just be the kind of feedback required to keep driving enjoyable.

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