BMW Vision M Next Concept is a Car Lover’s Dream!

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A BMW car for sale always comes with a variety of exciting features and specs! And now they are going a step further with an oh-so-dreamy looking concept car! The BMW Vision M Next concept is by far the most ambitious project we’ve seen to date. What’s more interesting is that the company decided to turn the concept into more than just a powerful vehicle with an appearance you could stare at all day. It’s also a hybrid, and if you want to know more about its specifications and potential release in the future, continue reading.

BMW Vision M Next Concept: Features, specifications, and potential market release

While the name ‘Vision M Next Concept’ is certainly a mouthful, BMW believes that this vehicle signifies how ‘driving pleasure’ may look like in the future. With its entire chassis looking like something that’s decades into the future, along with a bedazzling paint job, this could be BMW’s best work yet. Coming to the specifications of the car, BMW states that its Vision M Next concept has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine whose size is currently kept behind closed curtains, at least for now.

The Vision M Next is a plug-in hybrid, with a total power output of 591 HP. BMW claims that it can reach a speed from 0-62mph (99.77km/h) in just three seconds, along with a maximum speed of 186mph (299.33km/h). Real-world tests might be carried out in the future to see if this car can truly achieve those aforementioned speeds but for now, we’ll have to trust the word of BMW. Additionally, the driver will have the option to choose a pure, rear-wheel, or electric ‘all-wheel-drive’ variant.

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If you choose the electric ‘all-wheel drive’ option, the Vision M Next concept will be able to obtain a distance of 62 miles (99 kilometres) before needing to be plugged in again. As for the colour options, you can select between the Thrilling Orange or Cast Silver, and in case you didn’t know, the chassis is made from recycled carbon fiber. We believe that BMW absolutely struck gold with this look, as it is easily one of the most striking pieces of automobile design engineering we’ve laid our eyes on.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve certainly not gone over the features. The Vision M Next concept comes with facial recognition that will automatically unlock the car if the owner approaches it in very close proximity. The butterfly doors can open with a single press of a button and just like the futuristic outside, you also get an interior that looks like it was inspired by a sci-fi theme.

The seats are covered in memory foam, and there are two small screens on the futuristic-looking steering wheel. As for production, that’s where BMW would have you guessing because the company has not provided details on when this car will go into production, or be made at all.

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