Here Is How These Popular Cars Got Their Names

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The name of a car really matters! An unsuitable name can be a turnoff for consumers and might make it difficult for a company to sell a car. On the other hand, a chic and classy name can add to the charm of a ride. It’s perhaps for this reason that car companies have a dedicated department for such things. reveals how some of the most famous cars got their names.

Audi TT

The name of the sports car was inspired from a motorcycle racing tradition of NSU, a German automobiles manufacturer, which was later acquired by the Volkswagen Group.  The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) races are held annually in the British Isle of Man.

Back in 1907, the then UK manager of NSU, Martin Geiger took part in a race and later on a race was also won on a DKW motorcycle. In many ways, DKW can be called an ancestor of Audi.

To cut the story short, Audi TT seems to have been inspired by that racing tradition. TT is also short for “Technology & Tradition”.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo

MiTo seems kind of an unconventional name but as we now know, it did work. The car was first named “Junior,” but only provisionally. Later on, the company announced a competition, in which the members of the public were asked to suggest a name. The name “Furiosa” was crowned a winner, and it received a good score in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, but unfortunately not in Spain. Later on, it was announced that the car would be called “MiTo,” a combination of the words Milano and Torino, as it was designed in Milan and assembled in Turin. Another factor that influenced the name was the word “mito” itself, which means mythical or legendary in Italian.

Chevrolet Camaro

The first-generation Chevrolet Camaro came out in 1967 and two years before that, in 1965, rumours started flying around that the company was working on a car code-named Panther that will compete with the Ford Mustang. Later, the company’s general manager announced a new car line in 1966 and the manufacturer kept up with the tradition of keeping names that start with the letter C.

The name Camaro suggests the camaraderie between an owner and its car. Chevrolet product managers also reportedly said that Camaro is a tiny animal that eats Mustangs.

The book “The Complete Book of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967,” says that the name Camaro was decided by two product managers who came across it while reading a book and that the word is actually French slang and means a friend or comrade.

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