Dubai gives green signal to iconic ‘London Taxi’ model

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A statement from the Roads and Transport Authority Dubai announced that the city will be launching the London Taxi model service using hybrid cars this February.

The new cabs will feature black coloured semi-curved shape resembling the iconic London Cab that operates in the UK capital. As per details, the RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTA) will launch the ‘London Taxi’ model on a trial basis from February with Dubai International Airport being chosen as venue for the service. With technology progressing by leaps and bounds, more and more tech advancements and platforms are on the rise to help you out in so many ways. Some of the technology platforms such as Carswitch will always be there for you if you want to assess the value of your used car or opt to buy another one within your budget. 

The new development is a part of the RTA’s commitment to further enhance the cab service in Dubai, revealed Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). 

‘London Taxi’ now available in Dubai

During his visit to the DTC, Al Tayer reviewed the performance of the Corporation in 2020 and the upcoming projects as well. At the occasion, he was also briefed on the internal specifications of the ‘London Taxi’, which has a distinguished and roomy interior offering a wide space and six seats in a separate cabin to the riders. 

The taxi is truly one of its kind with wondrous features such as a satellite-based navigation system, forward-collision warning system, advanced voice command system, WIFI network and also a blind-spot monitoring system.

Al Tayer also received a detailed briefing on the technical features of the new cab service. In order to cope up with different climate conditions, the vehicle has a dual engine for better control. Moreover, it also has an advanced accelerated braking system while featuring a battery that can easily recharge within 30 minutes and three hours with the regular charging system.

Hybrid (electricity and fuel) cabs 

Al Tayer also inspected the exemplary Hyundai Ioniq Electric vehicle that features an aerodynamic design, advance driving mode control system, rear collision avoidance system, regenerative braking enabling longer driving period and above all, a fast-charging of the battery in a short span of just 54 minutes. 

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AI powered smart cab service 

The Chairman also reviewed the Corporation’s efforts in implementing big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the smart control of vehicles. These smart cabs have been fitted with contemporary devices to limit the malpractices of drivers. Some of these features include an advanced system to stop the taxi by the control centre in case of emergencies, a more developed backup tracking system, and also vehicle distribution and scheduling system. DTC has geared up to use big data for operating taxis in areas of high-demand. 

Al Tayer also received a detailed briefing about the Tawseel initiative which is part of the corporate agility plans for developing new services. It was in last March when DTC decided to use Tawseel Delivery Service in partnership with the first and last-mile challenge businesses and cooperative societies through smart apps.

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Advanced Control

The Chairman also reviewed the virtual control centre initiative that makes the most of futuristic technologies and also a mixed-reality command and control application. The centre generates a detailed three-dimensional map of the existing operational status of Dubai Taxi fleet together with taxi performance indicators. In order to facilitate decision making, the system can pass direct commands and make detailed adjustments using hand gestures while providing all data in a single view. Besides, it will also enhance the number of productive trips through a detailed knowledge of demand spots and also the smart routing specialties of the fleet. 

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