New Police Alert System Keeps you Away from Dubai Traffic Jams

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Traffic jams are detested by everyone. It wastes plenty of time, energy and fuel. The roads of Dubai are known to have a lot of traffic. Since the temperature is humid and hot usually, it becomes more difficult to survive long hours of stressful traffic jams. It casts a bad impression on tourists as well.

Keeping this in mind, a brand new feature is installed in the Dubai Police app. This AI feature offers an effective solution to the problem by suggesting alternative routes to the vehicle owner. It also gives notifications to the driver about the status of roads.

Moreover, notifications are provided about any temporary street closures in order to save time. By this method, people can widely choose the route which is less busy or free and avoid the roads that are cramped. With traffic jams there are high chances of accidents as well. This is why the latest AI feature is so helpful. 

This information, real time alerts and guidance on the busy roads of Emirate is provided by the Drive Mode feature. By installing the Dubai Police app on the smartphone, commuters and drivers all over Dubai can avoid traffic jams along with potential future road accidents. 

Who made this feature?

When such time saving and useful technological assistance is given to the modern people, it peaks the curiosity about who created it and how? This special AI feature was made by a team at Dubai Police. This team is a part of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence. The process of developing the feature was in line with the Smart Dubai Strategic Plan. 

Perks of the feature

When it comes to the advantages and benefits of the feature, there are many. Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, who is the Director of the general department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Dubai Police, commented on this matter. According to him, the Drive Mode gives a notification to the drivers who use the app regarding any accidents in the nearby vicinity, condition of other roads and alternative routes which can be picked.

The feature allows all the drivers, irrespective of the vehicle, to quickly and conveniently arrive at their destination even when it is the peak hour. It aptly keeps you secure from all the traffic jams so that you can have a peaceful driving experience. 

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi further stated that: 

“Drivers can add their preferred route with a preferred time and the application will schedule a notice alert daily of accidents located on those roads. The Drive Mode also benefits parents to avoid traffic during their commute from and to schools.”

This smart and brand new feature is not the only choice that is being provided by the Dubai Police. This is because their Smart app offers many more exciting and important features which the drivers can utilize in their routine travels. There is only one goal of the Dubai Police when it comes to the public and that is: they want to spread happiness and ease in the Dubai community. By facilitating the driving experience of so many people, a lot of convenience is enjoyed by the vehicle owners. 

Al Razooqi added: 

“The public can also use the virtual reality technology to discover the most important places around them like police stations, hospitals, pharmacies, and payment centers through Dubai Police’s smart app. Providing the community with smart solutions reflects Dubai Police’s keenness to achieve the strategic objectives of the government to transform Dubai into a smart city”. 

In short, the app and especially the feature is designed to make the journeys of all drivers easier so that they can plan their outings in a determined way. 

If you are in Dubai, you should definitely install the Dubai Police app on your mobile to get benefitted from the side array of features and functions. The app is available at both Android and iOS devices. Although this alert system will be enough for many drivers as well! If you’re instead thinking “How can i sell my car in Dubai quickly and hassle free?” you should visit CarSwitch which is the biggest online car selling platform in UAE.

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