Luxury car Hongqi H9 sets foot in Dubai

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Hongqi, the luxury car marque and a subsidiary of iconic FAW Group, recently launched its most recent limousine model Hongqi H9 in Dubai. The awe-inspiring full-sized Hongqi H9 has now initiated its presale to buyers at its Dubai showroom.

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The best thing about Hongqi H9 is its fascinating designs, fabulous performance and comfy and spacious deluxe senses. The latest luxury car was presented at a grand launching ceremony titled ‘Hongqi H9 Premiere’.

Hongqi making waves with the latest developments

AT the occasion, Xie Qiyi, general manager of Oneroad Automotive Trading and dealer of Hongqi in the city, expressed their cooperation with Hongqi and revealed planning for upcoming development.

The Consul General of China in Dubai, Li Xuhang, was also present at the occasion as he felicitated the successful launch of Hongqi H9 in Dubai and pronounced his confidence on Hongqi’s upcoming development in the city.

James Luxbacher, General Manager of Avis Dubai, praised the Hongqi brand and H9 model while professing that he expected more opportunities for future cooperation. The event was also attended by other guests including officials from the UAE Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), high gentry of automobiles industry and media representatives.

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Still more to come from the automobile giant  

“The brand showcases to the world its advanced smart technologies and outstanding product designs and performance as proof of the strength of the Hongqi brand. Presently, Hongqi is implementing its strategy to go global with firm steps through establishment of a sales network in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia of the Middle East, in Myanmar and Cambodia of Southeast Asia and in Norway of Europe,” expressed the car manufacturer in a statement.

The Gulf Region holds strategic significance for Hongqi’s overseas development, and Dubai is an important strategic market in the Gulf Region. Hongqi launches H9 in the Dubai market under the concept of “Extreme Standard for Extreme Requirement”, marking an important step for Hongqi’s development in Dubai in 2020. Many users in Dubai will be impressed by HongQi H9 as the benchmark of Chinese luxury car,” the statement further revealed.

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Hongqi needs no introduction

As far as the luxury car business is concerned, FAW Hongqi is the top-notch Chinese luxury car marque having a proud history. Hongqi products used to be made solely for mega national events and also high ranking government representatives as well as extraordinary business tycoons at one point of time. Recently in 2018, Hongqi opted to enter the mass market with a brand new strategy and initiated programs to transform as well as upgrade its brand and technologies.

 Hongqi made waves quickly as it gained attention among consumers of all classes within China for its exquisite designs and sublime qualities. Something that really speaks for itself is that the Chinese market witnessed the sale of as many as 30,000 Hongqi vehicles alone in 2018. Besides, the marquee also observed a stupendous rise in its sales by 230 per cent as the number of vehicles sold rose to 100,000 in 2019. Moreover, the YTD sales volume also reached a stupendous 178000 vehicles by November 2020. It has also been forecasted that the sales volume of 2020 can hit 200,000 vehicles at another doubled growth rate. 

The top-notch brand luxury car in China has set a mammoth sales target of 800,000 cars worldwide for 2025. As far as the last two years were concerned, Hongqi brought forward its new products as well as new technologies in majority of the world-class events such as CES in USA, Dubai International Motor Show and also Frankfurt Auto Show. 

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