Dubai launches smart vehicle for e-tickets parking violations

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Officials recently revealed that Dubai has introduced a smart vehicle to easily check violations of paid parking with cameras powered by artificial intelligence. In a bid to keep a close eye on paid public parking lots, the city has come up with a landmark roll-out. Based on the intensity of used cars and their prices in UAE, this decision can influence the demand-supply factor in a great way.

How effective will this roll-out be?

The official operation of a smart vehicle has been put in place by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to monitor and go through number plates of all the vehicles in every direction. 

This was recently confirmed by Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, while professing that as many as 24 digital cameras have been fitted on each and every side of the vehicle for strict monitoring regardless of the type of the parking space. 

The best part is that all these will be successfully able to and analyse plates of all kinds of vehicles at the public parking at a speed of 80km/h plus at an eye-popping accuracy of more than 99 percent.

E-tickets truly making waves 

Mithai bin Adai also revealed that RTA is doing whatever it takes to keep up with the contemporary technologies of parking inspection. She added that this is particularly relevant as the overall proportion of parking e-tickets has been vigorously on the rise as compared to the paper tickets. 

She also expressed that RTA is also undertaking several smart initiatives to support shifting to smart parking systems as well as services. As of now, a total of 190,000 parking slots required you to pay in Dubai while there are 550,000 parking slots in total within the city. 

How can parking inspectors benefit?

Mithai bin Adai further added: “The implementation of the smart screening of public parking systems forms part of the Traffic and Roads Agency’s plans to ease the job of parking inspectors by using state-of-the-art technologies in monitoring the use of public parking in Dubai. The inspection of parking has become fully automated to ensure the safety of inspectors by avoiding distracting them while driving.” 

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