Hyundai’s Noise Cancellation Technology!

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Hyundai Develops New Road Active Noise Cancellation Technology!
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Noise cancelling technology has been around for a while but none of the new or used cars for sale in Abu Dhabi have been able to completely succeed in doing it. However, Hyundai has developed the world’s first Road Noise Active Control system after six years of research and development. Here’s what knows about it. 

The cabin noise in a normal car comes from its powertrain, road noise or wind noise. The Active Noise Control (ANC) helps reduce the noise that reaches the cabin, but till now, this system had its limitations. It takes about 0.009 seconds for the road noise to reach the passengers, so the ANC technology was only able to block noise which was predictable and constant such as engine noise through insulation. Additionally, the noise cancelling insulation also adds to the weight of the car. 

The RANC system is better than the previous Active Noise Control (ANC) system because it analyzes noise in real-time, e.g. engine and road noise, and produces inverted soundwaves. It does so while using less insulation.

The RANC technology uses AC acceleration sensors to figure out the vibration from the road to the car and the central computer analyzes the noise. The system takes only 0.002 seconds to analyze the road noise and the Digital Signal Processor then generates an inverted soundwave. It uses small lightweight microphones and controllers to curb the noise and decreases low frequency sounds through inverted soundwaves. This system can cut the road noise by 3 decibels, which is half of the current levels. If you notice any other sounds such as a noise that is coming from your brakes, then get it fixed as soon as possible.

Since electric cars don’t have engine noise, the RANC technology can be tweaked to suit their particular needs like reducing the wind and road noise. This technology will make its debut in the upcoming Genesis model by the car maker. Going forward, all electric cars by Hyundai will also be fitted with this technology. 

We hope to see these quiet cabin cars for sale in Abu Dhabi by next year. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy a car, provides a variety of certified used cars!

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