6 Gift Ideas for Gearheads in Abu Dhabi!

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6 gift ideas for the gearhead in your life!
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The jolly time of the year is here! It’s gift exchanging season too and choosing the right gift for the gearhead in your life can be challenging. Of course, the perfect gift would be giving them a new or used car in Abu Dhabi, but not everyone can afford to do so. If you’re the secret santa for a gearhead friend, colleague, or relative, here is CarSwitch.com’s list of cool gifts for car enthusiasts.

1. Personalized wall art

You can never go wrong with art, especially if it resonates with your passion. A car themed wall art is something that we’re sure a gearhead would love to add to their room or garage.


You’re never too old for lego, especially the realistic LEGO items that many companies have recently come up with, e.g.,  LEGO version of 2020 Land Rover Defender. These miniature versions a gearheads favorite car can really make their day!

3. Car games

Many gearheads also enjoy playing car racing games, so do consider adding it to your list of gift idea. Car racing games such as Granturismo Sport and Forza are quite the rage these days.

4. Car themed 3D Keychain

Car lovers know the pleasure of having a keychain which depicts either the car they are driving or the car they love. Order a customized 3D keychain for your motorhead friend and we are sure they will love it.

5. Tyre mug

It’s cool, classy and affordable. A tyre mug is a gift that a gearhead will surely cherish especially if they love coffee. 

6. Car Care Kit

Car enthusiasts like to keep their vehicles squeaky clean, so why not give the gearhead in your life a practical gift? 

Any one of these can be the perfect gift for the gearhead in your life. However, if you’re buying a gift for someone really special and if you have enough budget, you might as well buy them an affordable used car in Abu Dhabi through CarSwitch.com. They will definitely love it! Happy Holidays!

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