BMW Finally Equips Its Cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

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BMW finally equips its cars for sale in Dubai with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!
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A week ago, BMW announced that it will provide Apple CarPlay free of charge to its customers. They will also add Android Auto connectivity to its vehicles free of charge. Here is what, an online marketplace where you can sell and buy certified used cars in Dubai, can tell you about it. 

BMW launched Apple CarPlay a few years ago and the competitive advantage it had over its rivals was that it could connect the phone wirelessly to the car. However, BMW previously charged $80 annually or $300 for 20 years for Apple CarPlay. The rationale that BMW gave for charging its customers was that it had to continuously update its iDrive system due to the frequent software upgrades on iPhone. 

The great news is that buyers will be able to enjoy this service free of charge. According to Car and Driver, those who have already paid for it will be refunded as well. 

On the other hand, Android Auto was never a part of BMW but it seems like the automaker has realized the importance of car connectivity. BMW will offer Android Auto capability in cars in July 2020. Moreover, just like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto will also have wireless capability. This means that your phone will be connected to the car through bluetooth. 

These services will be available with BMW’s iDrive 7.0 infotainment system as well as its “Live Cockpit Professional. However, Android Auto can only be connected to users of Nexus, Pixel and Samsung. It should be available with all 2019/2020 models by the company. 

The addition of these services is a great win for BMW customers as many other carmakers offer these features as standard. Also, it is one of the must-have features in a car as it offers accessibility and helps drivers with keeping their eyes on the road.

Many consider these features a necessity when buying new or used cars in Dubai and it is definitely a helpful tool. This is why, many cars listed on already have this feature.

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