5 Reasons Why Your Car Brakes Create Those Discomforting Vibration and Grinding Noises

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Do you hear unsettling noises when you hit the brakes? If the answer is yes, then you should take the necessary steps to make sure the noise is eliminated. The unsettling noise is a sign of poor maintenance and can affect the car’s quality and resale value when you decide to sell your car. Some possible reasons behind the pesky noise are listed below:

1 – Debris or grime stuck in the brake plates

The brake plates could have debris from the outside stuck in them, and it could be anything ranging from small pieces of rock to gravel. After settling on the caliper, the debris can often get stuck between the rotor and caliper, resulting in those vibrations or grinding noises you hear every time you press the brake. In this situation, remove the lodged debris as early as possible to avoid causing irreparable damage to the rotor.

2 – Brake pads have worn out

Another reason could be that your brake pads are worn out. As the material covering the pad eventually comes off, it results in the metallic part of the brake to come in contact with the rotor’s metal. If not this, then the brake caliper might be touching the rotor. Irrespective of the scenario, the outcome will be the same; brake pads becoming severely damaged, along with the rotor. Replacing the pads is the first thing you should do to avoid a hefty repair cost.

3 – Lack of sufficient lubrication on brake parts

Brake caliper lube is what’s used to lubricate the backside of the brake pads. If you hear the grinding sound, it simply means that the metal part of the pads and caliper pistons are coming into contact when you apply the brake. The backside of the pads should be lubricated sufficiently to prevent this from occurring.

4 – You don’t drive that often

If your car isn’t used in a while, then these problems can appear much earlier. That’s because the rotors can catch rust if they aren’t used for a long period. Other parts of the brake system can eventually develop rust, so the rotors will no longer be smooth and the areas where rust has formed significantly, you will hear those irritable noises every time you apply the brakes. If you want to avoid this problem, it’s important to drive the car at least once a week. If a little rust has formed, it can be cleared thanks to the heat and friction created when you apply the brakes while driving. If there’s too much rust, the rotors will need to be cleaned manually.

5 – Your car is outfitted with inferior quality brake pads

Saving money and purchasing inferior quality brake pads is a terrible decision and investing in a premium one might become the difference between life and death. A poor quality brake pad will not be made using high-quality machining, meaning that manufacturing imperfections or defects might scrape against the rotor, causing more damage than you could imagine.

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