Volkswagen’s Type 20 Concept Is a Retro-Futuristic EV

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Volkswagen unveiled their concept car, the VW Type 20, a week ago at the Innovation and Engineering Center California in Belmont. If you prefer eco-friendly cars for sale, the 1962 VW Type 2 inspired microbus might be the right car for you. The simple yet futuristic design seems like an art piece straight out of a modern art museum. 

The mirror stalks, steering wheel, seats and wheels follow an organic theme. However, don’t let the vintage look fool you. It is a modern car by every standard. It is an electric car powered by a 10 Kwh battery and an electric motor producing 120 horsepower and 173 pound feet of torque. Though these numbers will not exactly help you set any quick lap times or win any drag races. The design seems simple and neat with a focus on saving weight where possible. 

For instance, the design of mirror stalks, steering wheel, seats and wheels are not only for aesthetics, but also to shed weight while maintaining structural integrity. Aerodynamics do not seem like a concern for the designers but the car should be quite stable around corners considering most of its weight is situated closer to the road.

Although, the car appears pretty simple and the interior does not seem particularly busy, the infotainment is quite hi-tech. The concept has been created with strong attention to detail. A neatly placed electric motor can be seen through the back of the car which follows the same orange colour scheme of the car. All in all, the VW type 20 is a modern take on a classic car.

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