How to Keep Your Car Door Hinges from Squeaking

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One of the most aggravating issues that owners of used cars in Dubai experience is a squeaking sound coming from their beloved vehicle. It may just be because your car door hinges need some lubrication. The best way to get rid of the irksome sound is by examining and fixing it once and for all. 

Examining the problem: 

There are three parts on a car door which can cause your car doors to grate: a hinge, a door check, or a rubber seal. 

  • A hinge supports the opening and closing of the door. It can catch rust over time, which might be the cause behind the squeaky noise. 
  • The door check prevents the car door from slamming. Dirt or rust buildups in this area can cause squeaking. 
  • A rubber seal is located on the perimeter of the car door. It makes sure that no dirt, air or water gets inside the vehicle. It often collects dust and grime which can cause the screeching sound.

Now, open and close your car door repeatedly, listen to the noise and inspect the culprit behind the squeaky noise.   

How to fix a squeaky car hinge

Once you are done identifying the problem, it’s time to fix it. Often, just cleaning up the debris can cause the noise to go away. 

All you need to do is grab a microfiber cloth and some basic household cleaner and clean the accumulated dust and gunk. A heavier buildup might need an automotive cleaner. Once you are done cleaning, apply a lubricant to help things work smoothly. 

However, if your car door hinges still squeak, then it is possible that they have been worn out by excessive amounts of rust and need a replacement. If that’s the case, have your used cars in Dubai looked at by an auto technician.

How to keep your car door hinges from squeaking

Car maintenance shouldn’t be neglected if you wish to have smooth driving experiences every time you head out. Don’t wait for your car door hinges to squeak. Just make a habit of cleaning them and applying a generous amount of lubricant after every cleanup. This routine will keep your door hinges from squeaking and they will last much longer. 

Moreover, this regular maintenance of your car will also add to its value, and you will get a much better price if you plan to sell it. 

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