All-Electric Volvo XC-90 Arriving in 2022!

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Automobile enthusiasts were left spell-bound when Volvo recently announced that XC90 will be getting an electric version soon. We hope to find this car for sale in Dubai soon! did some research to share the details with you. It is expected that the all-electric Volvo will hit the market after the launch of XC40 Recharge in 2022 and will be called XC90 Recharge. Many thought the news was a rumour until the Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson confirmed it himself.

What to expect from the updated XC90

Upgraded SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform: The XC90 will be the company’s very first car launch to be based on Volvo’s upgraded SPA architecture. It will also be the basis for all the future 60 and 90 series by the company.

Mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid variations: Autocar reported that apart from the full-electric version of XC90, there will also be mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid variations.

No diesel engine version: The Diesel option won’t be available in XC90, which falls in line with the company’s strong distaste for diesel engines since the past decade. 

Level 4 autonomous driving technology: Apart from being electrified, the next-generation XC90 is expected to be equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving technology, which will allow hands-free and eyes-free driving. With this technology, the next-generation XC90 will definitely be a car of the new decade.

Supercruise system: It is expected that XC90 will come with a higher level of self-driving capability on highways similar to that of Cadillac with the help of the supercruise system it is equipped with.

XC90’s next generation won’t be Volvo’s first-ever all-electric model. It has already unveiled its first all-electric model XC40 Recharge and the company claims to have generated several thousand orders within a few days of its launch. 

A notable change that is to come with the next generation of XC90 is that it won’t be manufactured by the Volvo plant in Sweden which normally manufactures vehicles for the North American market. It will be manufactured in a Volvo plant located in Charlestion, South Carolina which currently produces S60 sedan. 

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